ontexOntex manufactures, is a Belgian based company established in 1979 in Buggenhout with its headquarters in Aalst (Belgium). It sells and distributes personal hygiene products in more than 110 countries through leading retailer brands, as well as under their own brands. With over 8000 employees and over €1.7bln revenue (2015) it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of personal hygiene products. Ontex is proud to make a difference to the daily lives of people across every generation!                                                                                                                  

helaHela Clothing Group a British owned apparel manufacturing group operating in 4 countries with a total of 16 manufacturing, printing and embroidery plants with over 100 million units of apparel produced annually and a total of 8,000 employees. Hela is involved in design and product development, offering innovative apparel solutions and supply of clothing and accessories including casual, intimate, kids and athleisure wear. The company has an extensive customer base including Levi’s, Jockey, Soma, Warners, OYSHO, Superdry, Calvin Klein, DECATHLON, George, F&F, NIKE, M&S, H&M, Michael Kors and TORRID.

raymondRaymond Limited, incorporated in 1925, is a global conglomerate that is vertically and horizontally integrated to provide customers total textile solutions with a turnover of about USD 1.50 Billion and an employee base of over 25000. Raymond through its subsidiary Silver Spark Apparel Limited, the Garment manufacturing space, is setting up a Suit Manufacturing Plant – Jackets & Trousers - at Hawassa Industrial Park, to cater to its elite clients in the US and European markets. Silver Spark is rated as “India’s Best Companies to Work for 2009, 2014, 2015 and 2016” and is partnering with the Ethiopian nation in capacity building. The Company has been rated as the “No.22 of the Best Large Workplaces in the Asian sub-continent.” With over 60% market share in India, the Raymond Group is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of worsted fabric in the world. The group owns apparel brands like Raymond, Raymond Premium Apparel, Park Avenue, Park Avenue Woman Color Plus & Parx.

epicEPIC Group is a Hong Kong- based company and one of the fastest growing apparel manufactures in the world. It currently operates eleven wholly owned facilities producing in excess of 70 million garments annually. It employs 20,000 associates and generates indirect employment for an additional 20,000. It is a specialist in woven tops and bottoms and known for its Innovation and Quality. The company partners with the finest brands and retailers in the world. It is a recognized and award-winning entity in Corporate Social Responsibility Leader.

wuxi jinmaoWuxi Jinmao, founded in 1993 is a Chinese company engaged in manufacturing textile fabrics, garments and pet products. In addition to a headquarter in China and offices in US and UK, it has factories in several countries including China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, the United States, and Vietnam. The company mainly exports to the United States and Europe for renowned customers, including PVH, Gap, JC Penney, Target, VF, Petco, Petsmart, Kohl's, Next, Mark Spencer, and Pets at Home. In 2015, its annual turnover was about $290 million with more than 4000 employees across the globe. Wuxi Jinmao invested in Hawassa Industrial Park through its subsidiary JP (Ethiopia) Textile Company with a total investment of over $18 million in 2016 alone for manufacturing shirting fabric.

indochineIndochine International, founded in 2004, is a Chinese based company having its headquarter in Hangzhou, China. It has more than 5000 factory staffs and over 1000 support personnel worldwide. It operates a vertical supply chain for the sourcing, manufacturing and designing of clothing and apparel. Indochine excels in the design, sourcing, manufacture and supply of wide variety of apparel products such as, woven, lingerie jersey, denim, knit wear, sportswear, out wear, tailoring and accessories. A fashion forward global sourcing partner with the capability to do it all……….and more!

pvhWith a heritage going back over 130 years, PVH Corp. has excelled at growing brands and businesses with rich American heritages, becoming one of the largest apparel companies in the world. We have over 30,000 associates operating in over 40 countries with over $8 billion in 2015 revenues. PVH owns the iconic Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW, Speedo*, Warner’s and Olga brands and iconic Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW, Speedo*, Warner’s and Olga brands and market a variety of goods under these and other nationally and internationally known owned and licensed brands.

hirdaramani garmentHirdaramani Garment is a part of the Hirdaramani Group, headquartered in Srilanka, that has more than 100 years of experience under its belt, 60,000 employees across six continents in six industry segments. Hirdaramani Garment PLC is the world leader in garment manufacturing. It is a pioneer in the garments industry and through continuous product innovation and maintenance of the stringent quality standards that the company is renowned for; it is the preferred choice for leading international brands such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, True Religion, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. The group boasts 35production facilities across Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Bangladesh and a capacity of 15 million pieces per month. It provides a complete product range of knit and woven garments from casual wear to jeans, sleepwear, lounge sportswear and underwear, encompassing all segments – women, men and children.

africa juice logoWith global demand for tropical juices on the rise, in 2009 africaJUICE Tibila Share Company, a joint venture between africaJUICE BV of the Netherlands and the Ethiopian government, took operational control of Tibila Farm in Ethiopia’s Upper Awash Valley and started producing passion fruit, mangoes, papayas, and other tropical fruits. In addition to rehabilitating and expanding the newly acquired farm, africaJUICE has built a new fruit-processing facility with state-of-the-art processing, sterilization, and packaging equipment. The processed juice is exported through the port in neighboring Djibouti to markets in Europe and the Middle East. The company directly employs 2,400 people.

Source: VC4Africa; MIGA, “Tropical Fruit Juice Project Helping to Spur Economic Revival in Ethiopia”, April 18, 2011.

tal apparelFor almost 70 years, TAL Apparel has been the pioneer in manufacturing garments. With more than 26,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than $850 million (2015), it currently is a world leader in producing technologically advanced garments that combine superior styles, comfort and functionality. TAL supplies over 80 prestigious fashion labels including Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Charles Tyrwhitt, JCPenney, J. Crew, L.L. Bean, Nordstrom and Tommy Hilfiger. TAL is a pioneer company in innovation, inventor of SofTAL® more than 20 years ago (a technology that makes garments resist pilling, shrinkage, color fading) as well as Pucker Free ® (make garments from puckering), EZ •Wash® (eliminates collar and cuff stains), and in no Band® (enhances expandable, streamlined waistband). In addition to its garment manufacturing segment, TAL also supplies Replenishment Solutions and production capacity and materials. TAL plans to invest $18 million in the next five years, reaching an estimated export revenue of $145 million and create job opportunities for more than 4,500 employees.

Castel Winery logo

As the third largest wine producer in the world and the second largest beer and soft drinks business in Africa, Castel Group was committed to establishing Castel Winery in Ethiopia. The idea was born during a discussion between the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi  and  Mr. Pierre Castel, founder and President of the Castel Group and BGI International.

Right after the agreement in 2007 Castel Group sent the top experts and consultants in the wine business from France to select the most suitable area for a vineyard that could meet Castel Family’s strict three-generations-old quality winemaking standards and criteria. After a thorough investigation by the panel of experts, the town of Ziway, in the Oromia Regional State (located 163 kilometers from the capital Addis Ababa) was selected.

Ziway, situated 1,600 meter above sea level, with sub-humid to semi-arid climate, sandy loam type of soil, a mean annual precipitation of 650 to 700 mm, and an all year average temperature of 25 degrees centigrade was deemed suitable for the grape varieties.

Plantation of all grape varieties imported directly from Bordeaux, France, lasted until the beginning of 2009. While the grapes were maturing in the vineyard, construction of the state-of-the art winery went underway and was completed in less than a year. After six breathtaking years of investment with due commitment, Castel Winery PLC has invested around 540 million Br and generated employment for more than 800 permanent and casual workers. The first wine bottling commenced in January 2014 and sales of its first batch of products started in the aftermath of the inauguration, on March 22, 2014.

Castel winery PLC produces standard wines (Acacia brand) and premium wines (Rift valley and Cuvee prestige brands), targeting both local and foreign markets. Castel winery PLC is indebted to the Ethiopian Government in general and to the Ethiopian Investment Commission in particular for the support provided that ranged from availing land which was previously owned by a public horticulture enterprise, to securing duty free privilege in importing agricultural and winery machinery and equipment, to securing an income tax holiday.

orchidOrchid Business Group PLC is an Ethiopian company primarily operating in the areas of Infrastructure for the past 20 years in Construction and Logistics. The company has developed its expertise over the last fifteen years in business and is advancing to new frontiers within the industry. It’s core competency on infrastructure covers the construction of roads, highways, bridges, airstrips, earthworks and pavement works for railways and dams. Multiple purpose building and remote camps construction are also among the disciplines it executes. The successful implementation of high end pile foundation and medium to deep water well drillings have paved the way making the company a key player in these fields. Orchid lifting division caters to lifting operations including crawler and all terrain mobile cranes. The strategic partnership with world leader Doka formwork systems has taken us one step further as a formwork specialist company.

esmeralda logoEsmeralda Farms bought close to 150 hectares and started its flower growing activity in Ethiopia in early 2014. The company plans to grow summer flowers and some roses. Esmeralda farms headquarters are based in Miami, Florida. It has a 265 hectares flower producing area in Ecuador and is active throughout Latin America, in Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The move to Africa is due to the increasing production costs in Ecuador.

Source: International Trade Center, “Esmeralda Farms Starts Production in Ethiopia”, November 13, 2013

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