Tourism and Hospitality


tourisminvest in ethiopia


  • Ethiopia is one of the oldest civilizations, the source of the mighty Nile River, and is endowed with a long-aged heritage and uninterrupted political independence.



  • Located in the horn of Africa’s Rift Valley region and known globally as the origin of mankind, Ethiopia offers a variety of tourism attractions such as Natural, Cultural, Historical, Mystical, Athletics, and MICE.



  • Ethiopia commands a large and untapped potential for the tourism and hospitality business. The increasing number of tourists and the evolving profile of today's traveler demand a host of new tourism offerings and infrastructure projects.
    • MICE Facilities
    • Star rated tourist hotels and lodges
    • Entertainment and Shopping Centers
    • Tourist Information Shops
    • Tourist Transport and Travel Services
    • Tourism Medical Services
    • Food and Beverage Services
    • Leisure & Sports
    • Education and Training Facilities
  • In addition, Addis Ababa’s significance as the political capital of Africa brings a high representation of international and regional organizations, including the seat of the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission on Africa.