Key Anchor Principles

Specialized Parks:  Enhancing economy of scale and efficiency through the development of specialized/clustered industrial parks that are dedicated to priority sectors such as Apparel and Textile, Leather and Leather Products, Pharmaceuticals, Agro-processing, etc   KOR 6736 1


Export-oriented: Government provision of industrial park incentives and support measures targeted at increased export performance and competitiveness.


KOR 6053 1 2


Skills development and competitiveness: Creating and developing a pool of trained industrial workforce & enabling environment for skills attraction & retention which will lead to enterprise competitiveness.  


 KOR 5266 1


Vertical integration: Enhancing backward and forward linkages in the economy. 

KOR 5997 1


Sustainability:  Maintaining high environmental standards through the utilization of environment-friendly technologies, zero liquid discharge systems, and other socially sustainable facilities such as housing accommodations for staff through various loan schemes, etc.


KOR 5399 1