Hawassa industrial park model for Africa: Chinese Ambassador

hawwasa Industrial Park modelAddis Ababa July 14/2016  Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia La Yifan said the Hawassa industrial park which inaugurated yesterday is a ‘good model’ for Africa in terms of infrastructure it contains and the time the construction took.

“I believe this is a good model not only the rest of the Ethiopian industrial parks around the country but also a good example for other African countries”, Yifan said in a press conference he gave here yesterday.

Construction of the park, the first of its kind in the country, consumed more than 250 million USD and built in record time of less than one year.

The Ambassador said the completion of the construction of the park within nine months is a ‘world record’.

“…no country has done that with world class facilities such as the Hawassa industrial park”, Ambassador Yifan said.

It is an important achievement by the Ethiopian government in terms of facilitating situations towards industrialization and thereby achieving its second five year plan (GTP-II).

The design and construction of the park has carried out by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC).

The park has attracted 15 leading textile and garment companies from America, China, India, Sri Lanka and six local companies.

Upon fully operational, industries within the park are expected to create 60,000 jobs.

Source: - ENA