Ethiopian Coffee Promotion Conference Opens in Israel

Ethiopian Coffee Promotion Conference Opens in IsraelThe Ethiopian Embassy in Israel opened a coffee promotion event in Tel Aviv yesterday, 2020.

Coffee producers, traders and exhibitors from Ethiopia have participated in the event intended to promote Ethiopian coffee in Israel.

The event included a discussion and business-to-business sessions accompanied by the unique Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel Reta Alemu delivered an opening speech underlining the unique features of Ethiopian coffee.

Given the long-standing historical relations and geographical proximity of the two countries, Ethiopian coffee should have had a better market share in Israel, the ambassador said.

The event was attended among others by Amb Yahel Vilan, Director of East and Southern Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Belaynesh Zevadia, ex-amb of Israel to Ethiopia and members of Israeli parliament (the Knesset).

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