Other Areas of Opportunities

manufacturing pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

  • Textiles and garments/apparel, leather and leather products, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, engineering and metal fabricated products, and agro-processing.

Ethiopia provides ample opportunities in the manufacturing sector as well - including but not limited to the above mentioned priority areas designated by the government. Among others, the manufacturing sector’s comparative competitive edge is driven by the availability of abundant workforce, quality productivity, the country’s geographic location, the opportunities availed in creating backward linkages, the country’s preferential access to key global markets including the US, EU, Japan and other developing countries, and the government’s strong investment commitment and sense of direction.

The sector’s standing is furthermore augmented by the large-scale development of industrial parks in many parts of the country.


agriculture greenhouseAgriculture

  • Sugarcane, horticulture, floriculture, forestry (including rubber tree plantation, fibre crops: (cotton, jutes) animal husbandry etc.

The total land area coverage is about 111.5 million ha, of which 74.3 million ha is suitable for agriculture. Eighteen major agro-ecological zones have been identified in the country, and over 3 million ha land has been made available for investment. Ethiopia offers one of the largest and most diverse agricultural investment opportunities in the continent.



  • Grade I construction, real estate development and water works construction including water well drilling etc.

Ethiopia offers a large and growing opportunity in construction investment. This is primarily boosted by a strong commitment of the GoE in expanding key infrastructure such as roads, railways, telecommunication, power and airports; such facilities are expected to anchor the positive growth trajectory of the national economy.

Other private investments in the construction sector have also seen major leapfrog in the past few years. Among others, Ethiopia has invested on the largest social housing project in Africa in the last decade - wherein private construction companies play crucial roles; massive investment has also been witnessed in educational infrastructure and health care facilities. Office and commercial buildings sprawled across many cities, and the capital Addis Ababa is rightly alluded as a ‘large construction site’.

Ethiopia Land of originTourism and Hospitality

  • Star-rated hotels, lodges, restaurants and grade 1 tour operations

Located in the horn of Africa’s rift valley region and known worldwide for being the origin of mankind and one of the oldest civilizations, as the source of the mighty Nile River and endowed with a long-aged heritage and uninterrupted political independence, Ethiopia commands a large and untapped potential for tourism and hospitality business. In addition, Addis Ababa’s significance as the political capital of Africa brings high representation of international and regional organizations, including the seat of the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and hence sharpens Ethiopia’s potential for business tourism.